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Rediscover the beauty of life’s moments through our premium hearing aids, designed to enhance every precious sound.

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Rediscover Music's True Essence

Dive back into your passion with our premium hearing aids.

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Hear every word loud and clear with our specialized hearing devices.

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Gift the Joy of Hearing.

Give back the joy of sound to a loved one with hearing aids tailored for them.

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Pure Charge & Go IX

  • Real-time conversation enhancement
  • Auto EchoShield
  • Most advanced tech for hearing aids
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Signia Silk X7

  • Ultra-discreet size
  • Control hearing aids remotely with the Signia app
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Styletto AX7

  • Award-winning SLIM-Ric design
  • Exceptional voice clarity
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Young Adult woman did not expect Hearing Aid at this age

Ascend Hearing is amazing! They are so knowledgeable, caring, compassionate.

Carol H. on Facebook
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They helped me understand what was going on with my hearing and what options I had to improve it.

Fatima P. on Yelp
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Love Ascend because they actually care about their patients.

Mike M. on Yelp
Carol H. Portland, OR
Fatima P. Los Angeles, CA
Mike M. Austin, TX
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